Suffering unjustly – 1 Peter 2:19-25

Gotta love those frame freezes! Oh well – what do you do. Our lectionary readings through St. Peter’s first letter, however, allow us the opportunity to dig into some challenging topics in our Christian faith life and spirituality. Are we broken in sin? Yup! Does Jesus’ forgiveness come to us even in our brokenness? Absolutely! At the same time, we do struggle and even suffer – both in the process of repentance which always challenges us – and often in very personal ways; but also in the way in which the ‘world’ and our culture out there doesn’t quite ‘get’ what this Christianity thing is all about. The temptation is always just to follow along the easy road and tack the name of Jesus on top of it somewhere. But the Holy Spirit calls us to a deeper engagement with our faith. Peter here reminds us that the ‘world’ out there will ultimately always seek to silence true faith. So don’t be surprised – and don’t let it discourage you. Instead, run back to your baptism where you have been joined with Jesus in His crucifixion as well as that gift of resurrection to eternal life!

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