Our History

Lutheran work for Christ began in the St. James area long before our church was erected, starting as early as 1949 with a number of pastors who were the active fore-bearers in this Lutheran congregation. Among them was Walter A. Ritter, James Buchman, Norman Eifert, Richard J. Kaczor and Louis N. Scholl who, with dedicated lay people, made calls and sought out new members. Over time their outreach expanded to the Crestview area by July of 1968.

Saint James Lutheran Church was formed the same year as Faith Lutheran & Peace Lutheran Church amalgamated and decided to build a new church. Ground was broken in October, 1968 and the new church was dedicated on December 7, 1969.

Pastor Karl Koslowsky was called to Saint James and installed 3 months prior to the dedication of the new facility. Pastor Koslowsky served the congregation for 30 years until his retirement on June 30, 1999. Pastor Rod Buck was called and subsequently installed on June 25, 2000.  He served the congregation for 10 years to May 2010. Pastor Karl Koslowsky graciously served as our Vacancy Pastor until Pastor James Schnarr accepted the call and was installed on December 11, 2011. Pastor Schnarr retired on January 31, 2018.

In June 1988 we joined over three hundred Lutheran Congregations in Canada to form the newly constituted Lutheran Church–Canada (formerly Lutheran Church– Missouri Synod).

In 2002, the building was expanded to include a new entrance, elevator, common room, secretary’s office, altar guild room, library, Sunday school classrooms, washrooms, new heating and air conditioning.

In July 2013 we gathered in Winnipeg to celebrate our 25th Anniversary as Lutheran Church–Canada and give thanks to God for all of His blessings to us through His Holy Word and Sacraments.

The original Building Committee members:

Ed Wall, Henry Hildebrand, Jack McVey, Fred Pachal and Brent Eggerbraaten.

The first Finance Committee:

Ivan McCann, Herb Wildeman, and George Meichel. The first four Elders were Don Owens, Neil Rankine, Paul Timm and Robert Kliner. The first Trustees were Jack McVey, Fred Pachal and Frank  Stamler.

Charter Members still with us:

Gail Adams, Sandra Demkiw, Helene Dobel, Arthur & Pauline Hammersley, Robert Hammersley, Evelyn Jorundson, Glenn Jorundson, Ray & Joyce Kazur, John Loeppky, Robert Matthes, Bernice McColl, Sue Morrison, Elsie Muench, Giesela Plummer, Fred Pachal, Juta Rathke, Daryl Rougeau, Vi Wall, Herb & Shirley Wildeman. Shirley has faithfully been the organist for the past 50 years.

You can be part of the Lord’s work at Saint James Lutheran Church. If you would like to hear more about our church, its activities, and services please call.