Women’s Bible Study

God is in the Laundry Room – finding God in the ordinary places in our lives.

During the month of April there will a special Bible study for women focusing on finding God in your home and other every day activities. This series will be led by Iris Barta and the schedule for each session is listed below.

April 5 – Mrs. Fix-it A Lesson in Rebuilding: Are you more likely to do it yourself, hire out, or ignore it hoping the problem will go away?

April 12 – Stocking up on the Fruit of the Spirit: Are you good at buying and eating the right foods?

April 19 – Stocking up on the Fruit of the Spirit Part 2: What’s the most exotic fruit or vegetable you have tried?

April 26 – Take Me Away Getting a Fresh Wind of the Spirit: What’s your favourite vacation destination?