Covid-19 Announcement

UPDATE on COVID 19 response – June 23rd

With Manitoba loosening restrictions, we are beginning to open up our worship services again.  As the numbers of people allowed to gather change, we will likewise consider our group-size allowances at Church. 

Those wishing to attend are encouraged to call our Church Office on Thursdays and Fridays in order to let us know which service you are planning on attending.  This allows us to ensure that we stay within the group-size limits while also providing times for members and visitors to gather.  At present, we are limiting each worship sitting to 50 people. 

At present, we have the following worship services scheduled throughout the week:

  Sundays @ 10 am and noon (two service times)

Wednesday evenings @ 6:30 pm

Holy Communion is offered at each service.  We are following the practice of ‘intinction’ during this time.  The Body of Christ is distributed to the communicant’s hands by the pastor using a set of tweezers.  Communicants are asked to hold onto the Host and then dip it into the Blood of Christ as it is offered in the Chalice.  This practice minimizes human-to-surface contact to almost zero.

The Church (benches, rails, and doorknobs) are all sanitized before and after every worship service.  Authorized sanitizers are also on-hand for people to use as they enter and leave the Church.

For time being, we are following a spoken service to avoid additional spread of moisture that comes with singing.  The services are printed out on a bulletin which you are encouraged to take home and bring again the following worship time. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either the pastor or the Church Office for more information.

Pastor Richard A. Beinert