Adult Bible Study
“All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.”
2 Timothy 3:16-17

Just like we need to nourish our physical body with food for it to function at it’s full potential, we must also be nourished spiritually. Studying the Bible helps us to develop an appetite for God’s word and provides us with ongoing spiritual growth. Because of this Saint James offers a variety of Bible study classes throughout the year to further the adult Christian education and help members to grow in Christ.

Here is a synopsis of our current Bible study: With Pastor Tom Prachar

In His Own Words:

Ron Dreher’s, “The Benedict Option …A Strategy for Christians in a Post – Christian Nation…Sentinel Books, 2017”.

The Benedict Option Is not a technique for reversing the losses, political and otherwise, that Christians have suffered. It is not a strategy for turning back the clock to an imagined Golden age. Still less is it a plan for constructing communities of the pure, cut off from the real world.

To the contrary, the Benedict Option is a call to undertaking the long and patient work of reclaiming the real world from the artifice, alienation.and atomization of modern life. It is a way of way of seeing the world and of living in the world that undermines modernity’s big lie: that humans are nothing more than ghosts in a machine, and we are free to adjust its settings in any way we like. (p.236)


The Benedict decision“…a key challenge for Benedict Option Christians going forward: How do we live in joy and confidence even though the world seems to be collapsing around us?”

The church, then, is both Ark & Wellspring – and Christians must live in both realities. God gave us the Ark of the church to keep us from drowning in the raging flood. But He also gave us the church as a place to drown our old selves symbolically in the water of baptism, and to grow in new life, nourished by the never -ending torrent of His grace. You cannot live the Benedict Option without seeing both visions simultaneously. (p.238)

We work, we pray, we confess our sins, we show mercy, we welcome the stranger. and we keep the commandments. When we suffer, especially for Christ’s sake, we give thanks, because that is what Christians do. Who knows what God, in turn, will do with our faithfulness? It is not for us to say. Our command is, in the words of the Christian poet W.H. Auden, to “stagger onward rejoicing.” (p.241)